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The 4th All Together Against Cancer Congress, the largest oncology event in the country, will take place from September 26 to 28, at the WTC in São Paulo.

The Laço Rosa Foundation will be present during the event with the stand, announcing the new portal of the institution. Unique trilingual, with easy, safe and reliable information on breast cancer.

On day 26, the founder and volunteer of the institution, Marcelle Medeiros, ministered the panel "Cancer and Self-esteem" and received special guests to compose the subject.

Alexandra Richter, ambassador of the Fortress campaign, told of the campaign's repercussions.

Daniele Andrade, campaign girl of year 2, was also present and told about the experience of hair loss during treatment.

Dr. Leandra D'Orsi, a medical dermatologist, spoke about skin care and the importance of self-esteem during cancer treatment.

The panel brought together more than 100 spectators and was successful on the first day of the Congress!