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Pink Ribbon Foundation promotes the opening of October Rosa 2017

Last Tuesday (3), the Rosa Foundation of Laço Rosa Foundation was inaugurated, which had the ambassadors of the campaign this year: actresses Camila Pintanda and Tainá Muller, and the top model Fernanda Motta.

The opening ceremony took place with the Rosa Enlightenment of Christ the Redeemer, which despite the bad weather, had a beautiful presentation of the orchestra Maré do Amanhã and the dancer Andrea Raw.


To seal the opening of the breast cancer awareness month, the trendy October Cocktail Rose brightened the night in Rio.

The poket show of Baby do Brasil, raised the audience, full of energy and high spirits.


The event was attended by the Staff Company, impeccable decoration by Patrícia Vaks and Nicole Ofeiche's incredible ceremonial, also had the partners: Exímia Beleza, Chandon Brasill, Nestlé, Tiquira Guaaja, Stella Artois, Red Bull, Juxx, , Joe Drinks, Art in Forminhas, Nenenui Patisserie, Casal Garcia Cakes, Seu Nego, Beatriz Pedrini, Lonarte, Crystal Canvas, Twolights Belle Table, Rastropop, Carolina Herrera, Papel a La Carte, Blondine, Cabify, Joico, Yenzah, Amend , Eliana Lipiani, DJ Zeh Pretim, FitVídeo, Alessandro Mendes.


The night happened at the Sofitel Ipanema hotel.

And so, the start was put to the Pink October 2017!