Laço Rosa


With the medicine advances, some types of cancer already can be cured and another are medicine-controlled, so the patient has life quality. Many people with this disease can continue to work, despite the difficulties.

Oncologic patient is entitled to compete in the Public Tender. The last phase of this process is the pre-employment exam, which will determine whether the candidate is able to take the intended job. It is not rare they are rejected, because this could generate a permanent disability retirement and prejudice the public administration and burden the public safes. 

As some cases are well controlled by medicines, offering a good life quality and not stopping the activities performance, the justice says that those candidates cannot be rejected. Oncologic patient can run for the disability job, since there is a clinical prove. All tenders shall have 5% to 20% of the vacancies for disabled people. And, is also entitled to a vacancy per quota, since it fills the needed qualifications.

Social Security offers the professional rehab service for the employees that maintain the quality of the Social Security beneficiaries that are unable for the job, so they can come back, readapted. In case the rehab is impossible, the beneficiary shall be retired for disability.

In case the employee is dismissed with cause, he/she can try to be reintegrated to the job, as well as an indemnification for non-material and material damages. The employer should prove that he/she was not fired due to the disease, but for another reason.