Laço Rosa

What to ask the mastologist

The right questions can make the difference for the treatment of the patient diagnosed with breast cancer, and even during routine appointments, information is the best way to feel empowered. Here we listed some questions you cannot miss at the mastologist appointment. 

1. At a routine appointment, mammography needs to be addressed. Ask your doctor if in your case you should have one done. In some cases, the specialist can consider the mammography as needed and even not dispensable, according to some factors which may vary from woman to woman.

2- Before 40 years old, which tests should be taken? Ask about all the possible diagnosis methods available. 

3- I have a breast cancer history in my family. Which precautions should I have from now on?

4- Doctor, I have silicone implants! The prosthesis can difficult the identification of tumors. However, some maneuvers increase the vision field. Inform you doctor can make the difference in the diagnosis.

5- I’ve been having breast pain, what could it be?

6- My mammogram shows calcifications. What does it mean? Despite the calcifications are commonly benign, they could also be the only clinic finding at the initial stage of cancer. When this sign shows in the mammogram, it is important to ask your physician about new exams and a more detailed investigation.

7- I’ve noticed that a liquid comes out of my nipple, what could it be? This symptom is called papillary discharge, and it demands more attention when is unilateral, spontaneous and persistent. Despite most of the cases of papillary discharge is related to a benign diagnosis, however you need to have a proper evaluation of it.

8- I have a breast node, what does it mean?

Nodes are very common and at most, are benign. Asking the specialist this question can help you to solve many worries and concerns, besides preventing a bigger problem. As related to the breasts, a node describes any lesion detected by palpation or imaging exams, showing approximately a round and limited form.

9- How to recognize the breast cancer symptoms?

Since the cancer-related symptoms are many and, many times, present only at the most advanced cases of this disease, the patient should always inform their physician about any abnormality and get information on alert signs.

10 – Breast cancer can be prevented?

There is no proven technique that prevents the breast cancer to appear. However, the early diagnosis is possible through a check-up routine, which potentially increases the healing chances. Ask your physician about prevention is a good opportunity to get precious tips for a healthier lifestyle, that could reflect directly in the improvement of the patient’s general health.

11 – What birads are? 

12 – Which kind of cancer do I have? 

13 – How the surgery is going to be? Ask all the possible details.