Laço Rosa

What to ask the oncologist

The oncologist appointment can be a very tense moment, but it is worth always to mention that it is important for the breast cancer patient’s health and treatment.

Write down your doubts and take them to the appointment is a strategy so you do not miss any non-answered question and you do not feel ashamed of it. Your doctor is the best person to answer everything you want to know. The oncologist is the professional to clarify your technical and specific doubts on the disease after learning the cancer diagnosis, protocols, available drugs, exams interpretation, pains, and absolutely everything related to your cancer treatment must come from the oncologist. Do not be ashamed to ask and solve your doubts. Do not be ashamed to not knowing the technical terms. Ask as many times as needed so you can understand the disease and know the best treatment options available for your case. 

We listed some questions that may help you to talk to your oncologist: 

– Which kind of breast cancer do I have?

– What is immunohistochemistry? 

– The pathologist report has all information needed to define the best treatment protocol? 

– In which part of my body is the disease?

– What is the extension of the tumor?

– What is hormone receptor?

– Why do I have to get blood tests before chemotherapy?

– What is the medication I will take? It is extremely important to know which protocol your oncologist is going to use and which drugs he/she will uses in your treatment. Even they have complicated names, you have the responsibility to know the available technologies and talk to your physician about the bests possibilities for your kind of tumor. 

– Which treatment protocols are available for my kind of cancer? 

– Which is the best treatment and why? 

– Can I be exposed to the sun during chemotherapy? Why?