Laço Rosa


Wig Bank
In 2011, the Foundation Laço Rosa launched a pioneer program called ONLINE WIG BANK. It is a project that rescues the self-esteem of patients that lose their hair during chemotherapy. Through this program, patients with any types of cancer, at any part of Brazil, can ask a wig for free. More than 2,500 people was already attended.

Wig Power
Professional education program and income generation on wig making for people living in social vulnerability areas.

Breast Cancer Fight State Committee – RJ
Non-party movement aiming at uniting breast cancer organizations of the cities of the State of Rio de Janeiro, with an agenda to debate the problems of these cities and coerce the public policies to have improvements and inspections at the health system of the state.

Presently, they are 12 organizations with 2 organized movements of the civil Society, and members of the FECCM-RJ.

Breast Cancer Policies Forum
Annual Forum gathering the main actors of the national scenery to discuss the issues related to the public policies on breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Patients National Reunion

Reunion of breast cancer patients and their family, aiming at hearing the afflictions and doubts of those that face this disease.

Talking about the issues of this universe in a light way, the event brings information and fun through an intense programming and a lot of exchange.

Celebrating Life
Monthly thematic event program elaborated and realized by many victorious-volunteers of the institution, oriented for patients during treatment and their family.

Leadership Meeting
Program to empower the feminine causes networks.

Community Roses
Empowerment project through information in communities with social inequality, it has lectures and workshops on breast cancer and women’s rights.