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Who Are We

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The Foundation Laço Rosa was born in 2011, by the hands of Aline Lopes and her sisters Marcelle and Andrea. In 2007, Aline was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy and then she started a fight against this disease, going through a radical mastectomy and a chemotherapy round. She went through a several faith, perseverance and struggling moments, making everyone believe in her cure and fighting for her life and her son’s. With no much information on the subject, she looked up the internet so she could learn more about that she was living.

Looking back to her familiar history, she lost her father precociously for a cancer, and her older sister, Andrea, also had one on the thyroid. Inspired by the Nancy G Brinkera’s history, founder of the biggest breast cancer prevention institution, the Susan G. Komen for the cure, Aline and her sisters decided to guide people with breast cancer. They were focusing on transforming this painful and worried phase in an inspiration resource for the other people that live the breast cancer dilemma, either in their lives or in their beloved ones’.

We are a group of people which fights daily to change the breast cancer reality in Brazil. In the end of the day, the Bound that unite us is Life!