Laço Rosa

What should I do?

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it is hard for him/her and for the closer people and friends. The worry is huge and so is the willing to help, but you should be very careful in what you say to an oncologic patient.

You have the good intention to help, but you must be careful. Never say: “I am so sorry”. What the patients do not need is to feel that the other people are sorry for them. Regret feelings are not welcome when the weaken person needs most is strength and courage.

Losing the hair is not that big of a deal! Yes, it will grow back. But it is not only a matter of looks. The hair is part of the female identity and losing it overnight is not an easy task to overcome, but is not impossible neither. Do not forget that each person knows better what is important to him/herself. Say things like: “How do you want me to help you to feel better?” or “What do you think it fits you better? A wig or a scarf? Do you want to try?”.

Saying that you would not support this disease and that the person is strong does not really help! No one likes to suffer and, in situations like this, one of the main things is to learn how to be strong, despite all the suffering that is waiting around the corner. 

Take the person out, show them good news, funny videos, humor programs. Show them how life is beautiful and that there is no reason to give up. What this person needs most to help the treatment is to feel good emotionally, so all those things can work jointly.

Say how much he/she is beautiful, remember good histories, be present, spoil him/her, do thing he/she likes. Never show that you are sad for seeing him/her at that situation, always be in a good spirit saying courage words. Everything he/she needs is strength and good feelings.