Dr. Gilberto Amorim

Doctor oncologist, Coordinator of the Oncology Group of the Oncology D'Or, Former Head of the Clinical Oncology of the HCIII - INCA, Editor of the Manual of Pipes of Breast Cancer of SBOC and holder of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Scientific Advisor of the Laço Rosa Foundation.

Always hard to say goodbye

mãos dadas em fundo preto

I have had very difficult days in Oncology ... I will share with you a text that I wrote on the social network, because many of you do not have Facebook.

I do not like the classic phrase of several people "so-and-so lost the fight against cancer," as if it were a weak person who had not "fought enough" or "had not had faith" or was guilty of having cancer within itself, some accumulated hurt, etc. These phrases, though without malice, are terrible for patients who already try to understand "why with me?" What was I doing wrong? And they already feel so guilty ...

It is not that simple...

Cancer is not a battle ring but it is a very hard journey still with sad and unfair outcomes, although with more and more joyful endings.

Many pieces of this giant puzzle are still missing, in an infinite specter of hundreds of different diseases with little understood mechanisms.

But life is VERY unfair.

So many bad people in this world doing so much evil, so much lack of character, ethics and it seems that nothing happens ... and other beautiful people, many young people, with small children to care for, with a whole life ahead that could share with their companions , companions and family ... and suddenly everything ends.

How can you explain to a girl that she will never have her mother next to her again?

How can a husband accept the loss of the woman of his life?

How does a parent accept the loss of a daughter?

I am a daily witness that these people do not deserve to go through everything that happens, although many overcome and become healed, others do not. And they would be as worthy as those who survived ... It is very difficult to accept a loss for someone so dear, who can be a friend, a relative and also a PATIENT.

I will never forget.

I'll never find this normal.


MD. Gilberto Amorim