Patrícia Gil

New Year

I do not know what happens to me every beginning of the year. In my opinion, there is nothing much at the turn of the year, the day is the same as everyone else, life is still the same, the hours go by as I always did, I try not to play a fool, I think of Japan that turns 12 hours before we South Americans, I think the color of the outfit should be the one that best hangs, jump waves and eat seven grapes then, forget it ... But there is no way! There is something inside me that no matter how much I struggle and want to be a sensible person and to be on the ground, to be more realistic (which does not mean pessimistic, just to be clear!), makes me believe that that passage from one hour to another works as if I could zero it all down and start over. Like in a brand new notebook, beautiful, stretched, smelling new! To “clean” life. So much so that he fears to start writing in this new notebook, fear of making mistakes, fear of what will come. But I still want to try, I want to start over. It's a silly fear that soon passes, even though we have no other alternative, life goes on.

I came to the conclusion we're very stubborn! Stubborn in wanting to believe that being happy is our eternal goal, even if we do not want to believe, even if we have every reason to think that nothing is going to work, it's no use, hope is there! A force that comes from where we can not even imagine it gives rise to our hopes and beliefs.

So, I imagine that it is this force that gives rise to so many others, as: overcome obstacles, losses, farewells, conquer and dreams. We are alive and hard as life is, "No one wants death, only health and luck!" As the song says. It's no use! Living is the plan, perhaps the greatest of them! So come on, make new friends, take our exams, believe you have a light at the end of the tunnel, reinvent yourself every day, fall, get up, follow, wait ... So many things during 365 days of opportunities and stories. Who comes with me? In the end we will have the same desires and dreams, in the end we just want to live and be good, until we start all over again, God willing! Happy new year, happy all year!