Laço Rosa

Travelling and fun during the treatment

During this difficult moment in the patient’s life, there is nothing like a trip with the family or friends to change the routine and breathe new air. However, there are some measures and precautions to be taken, always using the good sense. Foundation Laço Rosa pointed out some precious tips to help patients and their family at the planning time. 

At the chosen destination, there must have places with a good medical assistance and structure, in case it is needed. The patient must avoid travelling alone. The limits must be respected, afterwards, there is a health treatment in course. In case the person fells tired, they should stop for a while and then continue the activities in another time. 

Before any trip, it is necessary to have an appointment with your physician, because it may be important to have some routine tests or even taking a vaccine and/or prevention medicine. It is always good to ask to the doctor any tips about clinics and hospitals in the visiting town. It is mandatory for you to take along with you copies of all recent tests and a letter from your physician informing your health condition and treatment. 

Medicines check-list is essential. Medication shall be separated and listed, including doses and administration times. Important: medicines shall be always carried in the hand luggage and in their original packages, to avoid problems with the customs office. If your trip is international, you should purchase the medical travelling insurance. 

In case of travelling by plane, the patient should get up and walk by the plane every hour, to improve blood circulation. It is worth to mention that the patient shall keep the hydration and avoid alcoholic drinks. To decrease the infection risk, prefer bottled beverages and well-cooked food. In case your trip is to a place where the habits and food are too different from yours, you should always carry beverages and snacks, as cereal bars, chocolates and cookies.

When you are back from the trip, the first appointment should be with your physician. If there is any strange symptom, even some time after you are back, contact he/she immediately.